Unemployed Life: Time after time

I’m learning that there are some perks (not supplied by the government) of being unemployed.

1. Opportunity for more sleep

I tend to work better between the hours of 9pm – 2:00am. It’s how I’m wired. However, I found myself working those hours plus the regular “9-5,” and nearly every other in between towards the end of my tenure. Part of that is due to the nature of the work, some to being overloaded and also part to my eagerness to get stuff done.
I have been able to basically hibernate for the past two weeks and feel as rested as your average bear.

2. Hello Netflix!

Like many, I have a confession that might not be as serious as Usher’s, but it’s real. I love Netflix but I don’t have my own account. I bum off one of my sisters. (Remember, I am a BRoke guy). Ever since I finished House of Cards in two days, I haven’t been able to catch up on the other shows and movies staring at me under my profile aptly named ‘Brother’. Since receiving the pink slip, I’ve been able to watch Walt, avoid the Orange and reconnect with childhood classics like the “Sword and the Stone”. Best thing, I can watch these shows or movies at a reasonable time. However, there is something kinda awesome about going to work with baggy eyes because you stayed up to watch Don drunkenly save the day! Side note: I’d prefer to not see Megan when the 2nd half of the series finale returns next spring.

3. Food

While I do have to be cautious of my eating out, I am enjoying eating at local faves like Zeeland Street at 9:30am or Harrington’s Cafe at 1:00pm without rushing back to work. I also get to watch more of Giada, former Top Chef contestants as experts on talk shows and eat plenty of cereal, the quintessential bachelor meal.

While I know this phase is temporary and I’ve been meeting with different colleagues and following leads, I must say that I’m enjoying this resting period. I’m praying more, reading, spending quality time with folks and on the road to discovering what it is I want to be when I grow up.

I leave you with that for now. My next phase will be traveling to my dream state of North Carolina to reflect and retreat! Later


Unemployed: BRoke and Busted?

We pride ourselves on being candid when it comes to activities around the area and how to do those things on the cheap. For the unforeseeable future, we’ll be bringing you unadulterated vulnerability in a series we’re simply calling “Unemployed,” with Josh taking the lead. Here we go…



Chapter 1

Well, if this isn’t awkward, I don’t know what else is. NJoshever mind, I can think of a few things. Let’s jump straight into it, shall we? It’s been nearly two weeks since I have been without formal employment. I never saw myself being in this position (again). The first time was completely out of my hands and I was offered a return to the company multiple times following that experience. This time, the reasoning was an unfortunate situation that ultimately lies on my shoulders. Side note: While I admit to being transparent and I’m sure I’ll open up to it in the future, there are some details that can remain sealed for now.

While your mind is spinning trying to Law & Order the motive, here’s a quick little background on my work experience. I graduated from LSU in 2009 with a BA in mass communication, specifically in public relations, and a minor in Spanish. My work experience includes teaching in the EBR public school system, recruiting for a local college and working in a couple of advertising agencies a la Ken Cosgrove. Friends laugh because though I have had these places as my main squeezes, I’ve been a youth pastor for the past five years, worked at LSU during football games, write in a freelance capacity and of course, 2BRokeGuys. Some travel around the world or take up scrabble when they have spare time. I work?

Now that I find myself in a new situation, I’m going to take this time to figure out what it is I want to do with my life when I grow up. While most likely meeting new friends in the unemployment line on N. 23rd, I hope to begin my next adventure that allows me to make a good living, but most importantly, serves the community. Think that sounds a little farfetched? Nah, it’s the millennial’s dream. My goal is to pursue that dream however possible. If I’m driving you around, asking for your order, or attending one of your meetings, make sure to say ‘hello’ and keep me accountable along my journey. I know I’m not the only person to have ever been in this situation and I’m not in the worst of conditions. My purpose is to share my experiences and thoughts along the way, however short or long the trip may be. This will hopefully be fun, eye-opening and educational as I’m open to almost any thing…almost. Until then, stay happy, love people and #GeauxforBRoke

Photo not our own

What’s going on this weekend?

It’s Friday and if you haven’t been wondering what you’ll be doing this weekend yet, then now is the time to decide.

Being that we are in the South and it’s summer time, you might be breaking out your seersucker for another seasonal wedding. However, if you get the weekend off, here’s our pick for what you can do:

Movies and Music on the Lawn

The silent film and live music series kicks off tonight at the Baton Rouge Gallery at 8:00pm. For a BRoke cost of $5, you’ll get admission and bottomless popcorn. You can’t beat that. Tonight’s selection will be “Sunrise,” a thriller that dates back to 1927.

We’ve been before and highly recommend you spending some time here this summer ad fall.

Other things happening this weekend:

Paddle Battle

Jazz with George Bell

Don’t forget about the Live After Five announcement that just happened today! A lot of great acts coming up in a couple of months.

Live After Five lineup announced

The outdoor series, sponsored by the Downtown Business Association, announced its fall 2014 lineup. Here’s the list:

Sept. 5 – Marc Broussard with opening act  of Jason Martin

Sept. 12 – Chris Leblanc & the SpanishTown Big Band

Sept. 19 – Flowtribe with opening act of Dulac Smack

Sept. 26 – Werewolf & AM/FM. This concert is lasting until 9:00pm!

Oct. 4 – Foret Tradition

Oct. 10 – After 8 with the LSU Jazz Ensemble Horns

Oct. 17 – Perkins Road

Oct. 24 – Colin Lake with opening act  of Startisan and sponsored by the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters

Live After Five is a Baton Rouge staple occurring in both the fall and spring.

Miss USA 2014

Our pageant experience ended in a K.O.

After what has seemed like a lifetime, our pageant experienced ended last night when the panel of celebrity judges voted Miss Nevada USA, Nia Sanchez, as our newest Miss USA 2014. She is a beauty and a 4th Degree Black Belt. You probably shouldn’t mess with her unless you want trouble.

We were able to be up close and center the entire two weeks of pageantry and last night was no different. At the red carpet event prior to the event, we saw awesome notable folks like former ‘NSync member Lance Bass, UFC champ and actor Randy Couture, fitness expert Dolvett Quince and the product of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Rumer Willis.  They were tasked with this responsibility with the  likes of hilarious actress Melissa Peterman, the Latina coach and judge Bárbara Palacios, LA boy and legend Karl Malone, actor Ian Zering and the drop dead gorgeous Allie LaForce. My goodness. She was a knockout!  Don’t you agree?

Miss Teen USA 2013 and Allie LaForce Allie LaForce










Local musician Marc Broussard along with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band Horns killed the opening of the show with something that was only fitting for Louisiana. Florida Georgia Line and Nelly were also hanging around to sing the terribly annoying and catchy song of “Cruise” while Latin Grammy winners Camila serenaded the ladies during the evening gown competition.

Our Miss Louisiana USA, Brittany Guidry did a great job and ended in the 4th position as third runner-up. In our opinion, she had to answer a ridiculously hard question regarding the recent transaction of Bergdahl. We thought she handled the tough question very nicely and it should have gotten her a higher spot on the podium.

Overall, our pageant experience, while busy, was the best. We got to meet 51 of the hottest girls around the country, make new friends and party with the best folks of Baton Rouge. You can’t beat that. Until the next big adventure (probably next week), we’re off!

To see more photos…

Prelims: We’re almost there

We’ve had our most fun yet on Wednesday night at the preliminary competition for Miss USA.  The preliminary competition is quite the big deal as far as the overall pageant is concerned. on Wednesday night, the 51 contestants paraded in swimsuit and evening gown. On Thursday, they met with the judges for an interview. These three components combined determine who will be the Top 15 on Sunday night’s live competition.

This Sunday, we, the viewers, have the opportunity to save our favorites in the pageant by tweeting the contestant’s name along with the hashtag, #SavetheQueen. Who will your favorite be? Here’s an inside scoop: we like Miss South Carolina, Texas, Rhode Island, New York, Delaware and Wisconsin, DC and of course, Miss Louisiana.

Keep tuned as we #GeauxforBRoke as we are #2BRoke4MissUSA. The pageant airs THIS Sunday on NBC at 7pm from the River Center. #GoBR

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Making the sauce

Crawfish, alligator, cake and beauty queens

On Saturday, the Louisiana Seafood Board hosted a large-scaled seafood boil for the Miss USA Contestants at Nottoway Plantation. There was boiled crawfish and shrimp, crab cakes, white beans, alligator from the reigning seafood king and queen from Hot Tails (their website was done by our good friend Cayle Gray btw), and so much more.

The 51 contestants grooved down and even got involved with one of the best zydeco bands we’ve ever heard. It was an all-around great event. Many of them were cool and comfortable. They weren’t trying to be anything that they usually weren’t. Sure they put on for some cameras, but hey, that’s all a part of the job, right? We even know something about that (shameless plug in our own blog here).

There was food for days, fun days and of course, a lot of beautiful people. This is going to be a great week. What’s next? Just wait and see.

Other photos

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All eyes on the crown

There is so much going on in Baton Rouge this month. Movies such as Fantastic Four and Pitch Perfect 2 are being filmed here. Anna Kendrick and Kata Mara, we’d love to say hello…in person.  Also, to get us through the dog days of summer and the countdown until LSU football, we can look forward to the United Cup returning to our city. However, before that, there is something a bit more beautiful happening. That friends, is Miss USA. For whatever reason, let’s call it fate, the Miss USA pageant is going down in the River Center this upcoming Sunday.

We will be along for the ride at various events around town capturing the footage. This will be a ridiculously beautiful event that we are beyond excited about. Make sure you follow us and follow what’s happening with Miss USA 2014.

Watch the girls welcome you to Baton Rouge!

hunter hayes

Hunter Hayes on a Roll

Originally published on DIG Baton Rouge

As echoed in the title track of his new album Storyline, Breaux Bridge’s Hunter Hayes sets out to take his future in his own hands and make a difference in the world.

Hayes has made audiences feel wanted and far from invisible since he debuted his Grammy-nominated self-titled album in 2011, and he has no intentions on stopping his world-domination of country music any time soon.  Before returning to the boot for the fifth annual Bayou Country Superfestthis weekend, he put his stamp on history as he broke the Guinness World Record for playing the most live concerts in 24 hours in different cities.

The country swooner played 10 concerts in 10 cities across New England, in one day. The record was previously held by rock superstars The Flaming Lips, when they performed eight concerts in under a day, in 2012. While setting the record, Hayes brought an equal amount of attention along to a charity dear to his heart, Child Hunger Ends Here.

Hayes spoke about the charitable effort to music juggernaut Country Music Television before embarking on the trek.

“It’s a chance for us to not only tell people about this issue … [but] also getting to set up some places to actually donate meals, donate food — any sort of donation, really,” he said before the whirlwind tour. “Anything you can do to help obviously … to take advantage of every opportunity you get.”

Though he shares his age with an unfortunately catchy Taylor Swift jam, the 22-year-old artist approaches his music the vigor of an old soul and retells it beautifully for today’s generation. In a recent article with The Boston Globe, Hayes shared his desire to hold on to tradition and hone in on the authenticity of his bayou upbringing.

“I wanted to go back in time to give it more depth,” Hayes shared. “I wanted (the new album) to feel like it could have been an older record.”

There’s no mistaking Hayes’ mature nature and his Cajun undertones in blues and jazz in tracks like “Nothing Like Starting Over” and “Secret Love,” while true Acadiana pride shines in the fun “Wild Card.”

“If I’m going to introduce music to someone, then it’s my responsibility to find my sound by taking all the things I listen to and love and make something new,” Hayes said.

Hayes will cruise down I-10 into Tiger Stadium on the main stage behind fellow country artists Jason Aldean and Eric Church on Sunday night of BCS.

With Louisiana being a smorgasbord of music from country to jazz and everything in between, it’s no wonder we’ve birthed legends such as Louis Armstrong, Tim McGraw and Slim Harpo. Now, Louisiana’s beautiful culture will continued to be shared through the world via rising artists like Hunter Hayes.


Walk the red carpet tonight

Tonight is the night! The second Louisiana International Film Festival kicks off at 7:15 p.m. with the premiere of Belle.  Belle is the story of a girl looking for love, who finds so much more. This is the tale of a young woman who helps English society realize change is needed.

Following the showing of Belle, there will be a gala at 9 p.m. at the old Levi’s store. There will be a pop-up bar with free refreshments. Tickets for tonight’s showing are $10. LSU students can view the movie for FREE if they present their valid LSU ID. We hope to see you all there to help us celebrate the film industry, Baton Rouge style!